Cremation services

Personalizing your cremation service.

Whether because of personal beliefs, cost or perhaps environmental concerns, cremation is becoming an increasingly common choice. Cremation does not limit your ability to personalize and celebrate the life of your loved one. Whether you choose cremation or burial, many counselors recommend some form of a closure ceremony to help mourners begin the healing process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation

You may plan any type of gathering with a cremation service. Visitations may be held with or without the body of your loved one present. A funeral service may be planned prior to cremation, or a memorial service may be held after cremation has taken place.

The basic charge for cremation is usually less, but with so many options available, this can depend largely on what else the family chooses to do regarding funeral or memorial services.

We offer a number of options for various styles and budgets. Our selection includes wood, ceramic, marble, cultured marble, or sculptural pieces. Whether you will be keeping or burying the urn should be a deciding factor when choosing an urn. A funeral director can explain your options and the benefits of the choices.

Most major religions accept cremation, although individual congregations may differ on the matter. If you have any questions, we encourage you to talk to your clergy.

Our staff can make all arrangements including preparation and transportation to our funeral home. Call our 24-hour toll-free number: 1-866-500-COOK FREE.

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